GeniCore's Founders

From the student’s dream to the world of real business



Marcin Rosiński, Ph.D., Eng., MBA – President and CEO at GeniCore Sp. z o. o.

The concept behind GeniCore was born as a student’s dream, during my M.Sc. studies at the Warsaw University of Technology. Since that time, I have been hearing, from my business partner, Damian Mątewski, that everything starts from market needs. Our professional paths crossed two years ago, and from that time, I have been engaging all my potential in GeniCore as a “big global project” based on ‘Genius at The Core’ technologies.



In GeniCore, I love the processes of starting, building, and growing initiatives to reach and surpass their initial defined potential.


I am convinced that I am able to pass onto GeniCore my advisable skills, but also undiscovered, and as yet, undefined skills. This is based both on my scientific experience, and on my organisational achievements, it drives me to explore the world from new perspectives, the same world, which is a natural outlet for GeniCore. A brief description of my professional career can be found below.



Dr. Marcin Rosiński received his Ph.D. degree in 2006 in Materials Science and Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. He has been working in the field of novel sintering techniques such as EDC, SPS, and FAST for the last 15 years, particularly in the area of sintering processes using high current electric pulses. He has over 10 years’ experience in technology development, R&D projects, as well as team building and development. He has been involved in the preparation and management of more than 20 R&D projects with a combined budget of over 33 million PLN. This includes the supervision of projects financed from the Polish national budget, projects executed within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, the European Regional Development Fund, and projects supported by the European Community. As for his research, work and seniority in different academic units, he would highlight the Fraunhofer Institute Germany, NIMS Japan, Stanford University USA, and IBM TJ Watson USA, because they enabled him to work with multinational teams and gain experience in intercultural management.


During his leadership of the R&D projects, Dr. Rosiński has co-operated with firms, not only in Poland, but also internationally, and attracted materials science companies from Europe, Korea, Japan and South Africa. During his work as an Assistant Professor at WUT, he taught the following courses: Surface Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Unconventional Methods of Synthesis Material. He is also a keen member of the Association of Beneficiaries of the TOP 500 Innovators Programme, and Member of the American Ceramic Society. His publications include reviews of: Composites Part A, Materials Science and Engineering B, Materials Research Bulletin, Acta Technica, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, and the Journal of Alloys and Compounds. He has been personally involved in a number of projects focused on synthesis super-hard materials and developing devices in the field of novel sintering techniques. Furthermore, a prolific work-rate means that he is the inventor of three pending patents and the author of more than 60 scientific publications.


His wide expertise further relates to the practical management of human resources, co-operation within a team, motivating staff and the skilled usage of the tools for the management of soft and hard HR aspects. This is due to his MBA studies, which he completed at Lazarski University in June, 2010. In 2011, Dr. Rosiński received the Certificate of Proficiency for managing Research Projects at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw. In connection with the conducted projects, he was responsible, among others, for proper co-ordination of teams for the mainline development project. The possibility of participating in a project assuming co-operation with foreign companies established for the commercialisation of research results, and hosting meetings with entrepreneurs and representatives of venture capital, contributed immensely to his further development in the area of international co-operation.

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My name is Damian Mątewski: as a co-founder of GeniCore, I would like to share with you some of my key career experiences and bring you up to the point where I am at present, namely with GeniCore. As a transparent company, my colleagues and I feel that you should know a lot about the people behind the team, apart from the products. I hope that my story will inspire you to follow the same route: creating your own start-up company.


On reflection, I think my career has been a functional one in which all my experiences have been useful and have effectively led me to the point where I could build my own company. As a young boy, I was fascinated and inspired by the innovative engineering company which employed my father. So, it was natural that my education should have been firmly rooted in engineering. I firstly attended technical school and then progressed onto my graduate studies at Warsaw University of Technology.


For me, I felt that my education was only fully completed when I attended the Warsaw School of Economics, which served to give me a good background in business and the way the commercial world operates.  This experience was enhanced by the fact that I had already been working for 8 years in the “real world”, dealing with Key Account Management, Product Management and learning how to build a new company. The combination of additional education and the gathering of professional experience, along with a substantial amount of training courses and coaching I have attended over the years, has helped me successfully established and developed cutting tools trading company in Poland during the last 10 years, achieving annual sales growth figures of 62%.


My involvement in many projects such as the launching of new products and technologies on the market, Key account developments, Commercialisation, as well as Company Management, have equipped me with the professional skills for a “big global project” based on “Genius at The Core” technologies.  


Business is always created by people, so everything we aim for is of long-term creation and value for each group of stakeholders, as well as of benefit for the stockholder dedicated to the company.  My private definition of winning, as a long-distance runner, is “never give up, and keep having fun”.

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