GeniCore's Team


Natalia Gałązka,

Natalia graduated at the Faculty of Material Science and Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. Her master thesis was about corrosion of steel and nitrided titanium. Natalia is also interested in biomaterials, especially titanium dental and bone implants. As a former hurdler she is a fan of many sports like wall climbing and biking. For fun Natalia plays board games and hang outs with friends.

e-mail: Natalia.Galazka(at)



Katarzyna Jach

Graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at Warsaw University of Technology and in 2007 received a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry Technology. For 15 years, she has been involved in research on ceramic materials preparation, from raw materials to final products, with a wide range of applications. The main areas of her professional activity are both materials with controlled porosity and materials with high degree of sintering as well as functional thin films. A good knowledge of the issues relating to various moulding and sintering techniques allows her to participate in work carried out for the benefit of industry. She gained her professional experience during the ten-year period of work for a scientific institute. She has been involved in the preparation and implementation of projects financed from the national budget, the Innovative Economy Operational Program, the European Community. Co-author of scientific publications, patents and patent applications.

She spends her free time actively with her son, as well as likes reading books, and making silver jewellery.

e-mail: Katarzyna.Jach(at)


Radosław Jernat

Graduated Faculty of Electrical Engineering on the Warsaw University of Technology. Since 7 years has been working as a design engineer, specializing in the high voltage test equipment.

Responsible for creating technical documentation – mechanical, electrical and PCB design. The biggest professional achievement was design and implementation of the 200kV pulse generator for MV switchgear testing and 40kV/1MA pulse generator for plasma gun. The ability to design and execute sintering systems with control. Designing in CAD engineering programs and performing control systems.

e-mail: Radoslaw.Jernat(at)


Krzysztof Kozioł

Graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun and hold Master’s degree in Mathematics. Before finding interest in R&D area, he was a member of Business Customer Division in PKO S.A. Then, he joined the Department of Materials Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. With his background in finance, over 4 years experience in coordination and implementation of R&D projects he transferred this wealth of information to world of business. As Technical and Project Manager at GeniCore he enjoys his passion and challenge, a specially in sintering techniques area.
Passionate about mountain traveling, photography, computer gaming and stock marketing.

e-mail: Krzysztof.Koziol(at)


Katarzyna Mątewska

Graduate in Faculty of Water Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology.

Twelve years  experience working in the telecommunications industry .

Numerous training courses within the scope of:  Persuasion and Negotiation Skills, Sales Techniques, Overcoming Objections Skills, Effective Interpersonal Communication, Time Management Course, Creative Problem Solving Course, Conflict Resolution Skills, etc. She has taken  part in creating  the GeniCore company  since the very beginning. Hence she is: responsible for documents workflow;  raising purchase orders, expense claims and arranging invoices; providing general secretarial and administration support; maintaining and enhancing the working environment of the company, website maintenance.

Her greatest passions are:  her two daughters and family life maintaining, but also outdoor sports as running, skiing,  indoor sports as fitness and aerobics classes.

e-mail: Katarzyna.Matewska(at)


Maciej Różycki

Graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. Specialization in power electronics and automation of manufacturing processes, and the processing and use of electricity in electric drives. During his long term professional carrier, among other things, he was responsible for creation of the service organization for devices, units originating from the Japanese company Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd., to service the factories of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company in Poland and Czech Republic, as well service and operation of devices originating from Mitsui, Yaskawa, Newelco, Hatebur, Fuji. Substantive and practical knowledge in the area of electronics and power for: concept development and participation in the design and execution of dozens of unique and different technological equipment for various industries with a total value of over a dozen million PLN.

e-mail: Maciej.Rozycki(at)


Agata Ściegienko

Agata got her Bachelor degree in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, and Master diploma at the Faculty of Production Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. For her bachelor thesis she was firmly involved in a project regarding sintering of a new composite materials. She gained over three years’ experience in characterisation of super-hard materials’ chemical and physical properties.
During last years she has been broadening her professional experience working for a large manufacturing companies operating within automotive and FMCG sectors, in the fields of quality management, project management and  database management. Her last professional assignment was in Barcelona where she was a part of the ITER Diagnostic team, involved mainly in searching for the newest solutions in the market of high power lasers. She was also a co-organiser of the StartUp Weekend Trondheim 2015 in Norway.
She is a passionate mountain hiker, enjoys playing beach volleyball and badminton.

e-mail: Agata.Sciegienko(at)