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"On September 5th , 2017, IPOPEMA 112 FIZAN  made a capital investment into GeniCore Sp. z o.o. This funding will allow for further development and commercialization of GeniCore technologies. The sum of PLN 8 million has been invested and it  will enable GeniCore to carry out the key R&D projects necessary.
IPOPEMA 112 FIZAN invests in innovative technology companies by providing funding as well as facilitative access to management and commercialization knowledge. The current investments from IPOPEMA 112 FIZAN includes OncoArendi Therapeutics (a biotechnology company specializing in research, development and the commercialization of new drugs used in the treatment of inflammatory and cancer diseases)."


GeniCore Sp. z o.o. allows investors to engage in top-class programmes, the development of innovative materials, sintering technologies, and materials development engineering. The greatest force behind the innovative ideas of GeniCore, are the strong competences and experience of the interdisciplinary team that has already successfully applied for structural funds focused on research and development (POIR) and project increasing the scale of commercialisation of research results or development works on global market (GO_GLOBAL.PL), etc. – so far acquiring projects for almost 3.3 mln PLN.


Apart from the gained projects GeniCore operates on a daily basis on huge potential market (several dozens of billions of EURO) building its market value.


GeniCore, as a relatively young and fast-growing enterprise with a financial history, firm foundation in new technologies and global trends, as well as solid partnerships with world leaders; constitutesan appropriate subject for further development of its position in the international market.


In terms of the protection of the intellectual property rights of key solutions used in the PPC device the following steps were made: application to the Polish Patent Office in March 2013, an international patent application under the PCT WO 2014/155352 A2 procedure in March 2014. What is more, obtaining patents for invention valid for the EU, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Russia and the United States is underway.


GeniCore's vision is to be the global leader in innovative sintering technologies of composite materials that are “Genius at the Core” and focus on the customer application. From the identification of a customer’s needs to "understanding" the competitiveness behind the Customer Experience Management, GeniCore solutions are geared towards the highest value for the customer. 


We have passion and commitment to the company, which has huge prospects for development and economic justification. Let us create a common future driven by our technology and your capital!



We look forward to hear from you!

The GeniCore Team